Bonito Michoacan

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Bonito Michoacán is a family owned Authentic Mexican Restaurant with a very rich history...

Michoacán from Nahuatl Michoacán (fishermans place) is well known for its rich varied culture unique pre-Colombian and colonial architecture as well as its art.

Famous are the guitars of Paracho, the Lace of Aranza, the deshilado of San Felipe de los Herreros, the masks of Tacuaro, the Devils of Ocumicho, the pottery of Capula, the archeological wonders of Meseta Purepecha, Tinganbato, Ihuatzio, Tzintzuntzan, the copper of Santa Clara del Cobre, and lush and green municipio of Turicato witch holds a reputation of having the best food.

In 1862 the French came to Mexico, and a little touch of European gourmet was added in to our cuisine, recipes have been passed from generation to generation and of course you could find them in the Files of Dona Consuelo Gutierrez de Barajas. Proud Wife of Don Crescencio Barajas, who at the same time are proud parents of Ninfa, Javier, Timoteo, And Raul Barajas Native of Turicato (Michoacán).

And right then in lush green Turicato a new adventure began!

Javier Barajas left his Beloved Turicato and came to this country pursuing a dream. He was the pioneer, and when the time was right along came his brothers, Timo, Raul, and Ninfa; who married Don Jesus Valenzuela, Sr.  Jesus, a man with a unique, dynamic, working spirit, joined the family! And believe me! It wasn’t easy but, after endless hours of hard work the first, Michoacán restaurant was a reality!

And the adventure continued!

Timo Barajas and Sr. Don Jesus became the pillars on which a new branch would be a built!! Bonito Michoacán and I hope you are ready for this at the dawn of Bonito the company was constituted by 3 members sometimes 4.  Unbelievable but true! One person was in the back of the house (dishwasher) and Timo and Jesus switch in the front as well as the back in other words.

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