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Enjoy healthy, flavorful, wholesome, highest quality non-GMO* Indian, Thai & Chinese food & freshly made desserts at the greenest restaurant in SE Iowa!
Do your body good, help family farmers & support a less toxic environment for all living things by buying organic.
Green Gourmet has the highest food standards for better taste and truer flavor, because our organic ingredients are grown in harmony with nature for a variety of flavors that only mother nature can cook. For the same reasons, they are also higher in health benefiting antioxidants and lower in harmful nitrates than conventional restaurant food.
All food is cooked and prepared with medical grade filtered & ionised water that has been proven to be anti-oxidizing, alkalizing, detoxifying and hydrating. Our fried ethnic delicacies are prepared with the highest quality natural sunflower oil.

We cook in stainless steel pots and pans to prevent and reduce the possible dangers of aluminum toxicity that can result from the use of aluminum cookware.

For premium food at a reasonable price visit us at 117 E. Broadway, Fairfield IA 52556, Mon-Sat 11AM - 3:30 PM.
* Genetically Modified Organisms

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