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Grace's Day Spa proudly celebrate's it's 15th anniversary !!!

We specialize in making your skin healthy and radiant. We use the most advance technology on today's market ; Radiancy, world-leaders in photo therapy, light-based system for vascular and pigmented lesions, acne clearance, hair removal, skin Tightening and resurfacing.

FACIALS - Europian Facial, Quick Fix Facial, Extra Sensitive Skin Facial, Oily & Acne Facial, Whitening & Large Pore Facial, Dry Skin Facial, Collagen Facial, Microdermabrasion Facial, Mesotherapy Facial, Hot Paprica Facial, Organic Facial

PHOTO-FACIAL- skin rejuvenation ; it is nothing but Benefits! Safe and effective to treat pigmented and vascular lesions, fine lines and large pores.Visible results,quick treatment good for all skin types

SKIN THIGTENING; good for loose and aging skin on  Face and neck

ACNE PHOTOTHERAPY -safe acne clearance with no pain or downtime.Faster than any other treatment and results are visible shortly after starting treatment.After series of 8 treatment over 4 week period is all it takes to get back on the road to dramatically clearer, smoother, acne-free skin.And there are no adverse side effects,discomfort,patient downtime or exposure to antibiotics.


BODY TREATMENTS;  Endermologie is the only treatment that effectively eliminates stubborn fat deposits,toxins and cellulite.Endermologie works by massaging away all body imperfections.It rolls your skin in and out, and combined with maneuvers it smoothes out fat lumps and fat deposits around common problem areas.It also streches shrunken collagen fibers and reducing cellulite.At the same time stimulates productin of new collagen fibers.Thanks to the treatment your blood starts circulating faster and more efficently.With blood travel, important nutrients for skin and oxygen are distributed to places that were previously poorly provided with it.Endermologie stimulates both the blood and lymoh flow.You are having a limphatic drainage and this way your waste material is removed.ENDERMOLOGIE gives you samething that GYM or DIET alone cannot offer.Sounds too good to be true?Well, let us just say that we love the results of the treatment, and we are women here,too.

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