Suuko Wellness & Spa Resort

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Sukko Treatments
Sukko treatments are based on the ancient Thai medical theory. Traditional massages, heat therapies and authentic herbs are used to bring the physical conditions and spirit back to a state of balance. 
Herbal recipes and procedures handed down through generations ensure Sukko spa cares are free of petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or colors, complement the spa's concept and suit individual needs and preferences
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•Spa Treatments / Spa Packages
Sukko Spa provides a varieties of 14 spa packages from 2 hours to 3 hours which have been carefully prepared by Sukko's certified Thai Herbalist. Each package has a specific purpose which can be selected according to each individual's life style.
•Spa A La Carte
Spa Packages Shown by Treatment session
Splendid Spa Package 120 mins
Splendid Spa Package 150 mins
Splendid Spa Package 180 mins
Spa Packages Shown by Categories
After-sun rejuvenation ,Beauty , De-strees , Muscle tension relief , Rejuvenation

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