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Shane Wilding Golf Centers are hi tech indoor golf centers, where golfers can play, practice and receive world class golf coaching.

Sharing the Wilding System with PGA instructors, and all levels of golfers from beginners to professional Shane has inspired countless golfers throughout the world. His coaching system has also delivered 44 professional wins with players around the globe and total prize money in excess of USD12 million.
Our Wilding trained Thai, Japanese and Western “Certified PGA Instructor’s” are at our Centers to ensure both a professional analysis of your swing and, follow that up with a customized plan geared to yield maximum results for your golf game.

Wilding’s’s unique 10 Point Swing System: a systematic approach that delivers unparalleled results:
• Revolutionizing the way the game of golf is taught during his tenure on the “Champion’s Tour” Shane developed a unique approach to coaching focused around 10 key checkpoints within the motion of the golf swing.
• Whilst recognizing that every golfer is different, Shane understood that golfers (as do all people) move in patterns. In identifying three of these patterns, and then refining these mechanics before moving forward to the next three patterns, Shane Wilding and his coaches are able to isolate, analyze, correct and imprint on the golfers both an improved swing and, a better understanding of the swing bio-mechanics
• This revolutionary approach to playing better golf is now available to all golfers at Shane Wilding Centers

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