Spirits of the Alps

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Možen osebni prevzem v lokalu LUFT (Maribor) ali dostava. “Minister za zdravje opozarja: Prekomerno pitje alkohola škoduje zdravju!“ Pri tem partnerskem podjetju bodo vaše nakupovalne ugodnosti temeljile na bruto vrednosti vašega nakupa.

Pred nakupom prosim preverite, ali ima vaš brskalnik pravilne nastavitve za piškote . Vse preostale pomembne informacije glede spletnega nakupovanja najdete v pogosto zastavljenih vprašanjih !

O Spirits of the Alps

Discover Parson’s character. Actually, all its characters. Intelligent. Entertaining. Vivacious. Pleasant. Sweet. All this is Parson, who will easily get under anyone’s skin. Unpredictable. Cheeky. Manipulative. Hunter. This is also Parson, who has no trouble turning upside-down any moment or any plan.
No good story ever comes from staying in a comfort zone, and being in the presence of Parson is always an exciting story on its own, defined by one of his signature traits.
Thanks to his character diversity, Parson is known for his many nicknames, which only prove that he is the master of flavour, style and ideas.
Classy. Grapy. Cosy. Sunny.
All this is Parson, who successfully juggles various worlds and presents them to you like a true local.
The heart of Parson’s brand is that which guides the brand on its path. When Parson finds himself in front of a challenge, on crossroads or unknown paths, it’s his heart that becomes the compass. Parson’s heart is fuelled by four main values: bravery, freedom, playfulness and diversity, originating from his lively and hunter-oriented pedigree. They are reflected in his tastes, actions, communication, appearance and decisions, and they are quick to inspire others who are in one way or another in Parson’s presence. Parson believes in a better world. He believes in a world of diversity. In a world of creativity. In a world that believes in love. Parson believes in a world of the free. In a world we can create together. We, who do not satisfy with the status quo. Parson believes in those who never stop exploring. In those who dare to dream. Believes in those who hunt their dreams and turn them into reality. #HuntYourDreams Those who do not dream are left to that which gives reality. Those who dream have the ability to create their own world. Dreams make the world alive. Dreams make the world awake. Dreams make the world exciting. Dreams elevate life higher and wider. Parson believes in dreams, hunts them and with his diverse characters turns them into reality. He creates unique worlds of daring flavours, styles and ideas, inspiring anyone on his way to hunt their dreams, too.
Parson premium gin is for the Experience Hunters.
New, fun and unique experiences mean the most to those who are Parson’s favourite company.
Such put unforgettable experiences to the very top of their list of priorities – in everyday lives, business environments and when enjoying a good party. Parson is a brand that enables experience hunters to adventure into something special, something to remember forever, while also helps them with impressing their friends. Parson’s favourite company are: - all those with good energy, - urban cosmopolitans with a feeling for local, - dog lovers, - brave, open, playful and diverse, - all who love to be pampered and indulge themselves in something good, - those who hunt their dreams: in business, life, love or in any other field.  Prikaži manj


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