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”I highly recommend Stella. My life has got a whole new starting point with more energy, more clarity, and better focus!
- Christina Påhlman, Sales Responsible, IKEA of Sweden

Hi, I'm Stella Scott, Therapist, Coach & Opera Singer. I know it's an unusual combination, but hear me out. It provides me with unusual out of the box thinking and creative insights!

”I presume you're a driven & ambitious woman! 😊

👑 Are you successful in over-delivering even when your potential is not cherished? 

👑 Are you successful pitching yet another brilliant idea even while all the time doubting it will be taken seriously? 
👑 And do you greet yourself with a loving "hello gorgeous" in the morning, even without makeup?

Hmm, seems there could be room for improvement. 🤔

I know firsthand the pain and frustration of constantly questioning yourself. To doubt my own capacities. To underestimate my value, my intelligence, my looks, my gifts.

I grabbed hold of my life, went through my own therapy and a boatload of training to turn my own life and attitude around.


Now, with 30 years of experience, I boldly claim: I can help you move forward, fast!

I KNOW you want to contribute to a better world with your work & life. 
YOU KNOW you have a lot more to give!

This is how I see it: You deserve to savor life fully, you work hard, you should feel joy! To tell the truth, it's unfair if your efforts aren't bringing you the glow of satisfaction they should.

And, you know what? The world needs you to be happy.
Because one happy person at a time changes the world!

If it seems out of reach and you’re full of self-doubt you’ve come to the right place!

My sole aim is to help you gain clarity. Find out if my support, experience and unexpected perspectives could help you in your journey right now. Book a complimentary "Visible Body Confidence Consultation" with me, all focused on the transformation you are after! No upsell or BS, just an honest conversation you & I. 

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Ps. To improve your relationship with your body today, download your Epic Meditation here:

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