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Established in 2019.

APF Restaurant has just opened in the historic area of Lapa. 
The place is like a hidden treasure. You don't see it from the street and only the ones who know the secret find it... 
It is a lively place where guests are welcome from Wed to Sunday 9am to 7pm to enjoy a relaxing moment. 
Whether it is for a 60cts coffee at the bar, a homemade french inspired dish of the day (7€) in our dining room or a full brunch (15€) with natural juice, hot drinks, eggs, crepes, viennoiseries, homemade granola yogurt and fresh fruits served all day long; you always have a good reason to stop by and say hi.
Last but not least, we invite you to come and enjoy one of our APF cocktail on our sunny terrace !
We look forward to meeting you soon,
Christelle & Gregory

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