The Getaway Van

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Termos e condições

Minimum renting days:
- October to June -> 3 days
- July to September -> 7 days


More than renting campervans, The Getaway Van offers the opportunity to live the adventure of a lifetime! Our vans are both car and hotel, allowing you to explore Portugal aboard the coolest vehicle you've ever seen!

Our vans are designed to comfortably accommodate 4 people, and pets are also welcome!

Having a great size, you can park them anywhere! Affordable and easy to drive they, however, offer all the modern comfort because our base package is really complete, so you only need to bring the desire to explore the Portuguese beautiful surf coast. You can also add some extras like surf, bodyboard, SUP and cycling equipment.

We have partnerships with many surf schools, leisure and adventure sports companies and campsites, on whose experiences you can benefit from several discounts.

Check out our website and book your getaway! We promise you´ll wish the roadtrip would never ends!

You will also receive Cashback and Shopping Points on each purchase at The Getaway Van. We look forward for your visit!

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