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ALOHA Seminars started in the United States in 1988.
It was founded by Mr. Tony Martinez Jr., the Chief Executive Officer and Lead Facilitator of ALOHA Seminars Philippines Inc.

Through the effort of some Filipino graduates who have experienced life-changing results after taking the seminar, the first class of Aloha Seminars in the Philippines was conducted in October 2003.
Classes are now held once every month. Since then, the number of our graduates from all walks of life (Professionals from private and government sectors, business people, students and housewives among others) has increasingly grown.
As a result of the continuous support of the graduates to spread the philosophy of Aloha in the Philippines, ALOHA Seminars was brought to Cebu where classes are now similarly conducted every other month.
In addition, ALOHA launched ALOHA Seminars International in November of 2005.
We now have a number of supporters and graduates in India, specifically in Bangalore, Chennai-Madras, and Pondicherry.
By the 3rd quarter of 2006, Mumbai, Delhi, and the Island of Mauritius, Argentina, and Brazil will join the growing family.
From its initial program of Aloha Leadership Seminar or ALS, ALOHA Seminars Phils., Inc. has launched in March 2004 the ALOHA Achievement Program or AAP to provide the graduates a venue to sustain and deepen the learning that they have started in their ALS class.

To date, ALOHA Seminars Phils., Inc. has expanded and developed customized seminars and programs that cater to the specific needs of corporate organizations for training and development of their human resources.
ALOHA Seminars are highly intense, experiential and insightful.
As HR practitioners would put it, learning is best retained when realized through experience.
This is one of the premises by which ALS impacts the participant’s lives.
It allows the participants to look within one’s self and the past experiences that hold them back.
Exercises which deals with fears, responsibility, accountability, breaking through self-limiting paradigms, and acknowledging one’s greatness assist the participants to determine where they are at and discover for themselves the picture of where they would like to go.
Aloha Seminars Inc. is a personal growth seminar coaching company focused on humanistic development and personal leadership. The Company is owned and operated by Coach Tony Martinez, who has developed his skills in this business with over 30 years of dedication to helping other people like you.
To be the center for personal growth through experiential seminars.
To provide opportunities for individuals to discover a life of higher awareness.
Ultimately, to advocate being a leader of one’s self.
ALOHA stands for A Life of Higher Awareness. The Company was established here in the Philippines in October 2003 by its Founder Mr. Tony Martinez.
ALOHA Seminars give three personalized off-the-shelf programs which Founder Tony Martinez is currently running as public seminars.
1-DAY Personal Leadership Seminar (PLS)
Aloha Leadership Seminar (ALS)
Aloha Achievement Program (AAP).
ALOHA Leadership Seminar is an Empowerment and leadership seminar.
We believe that the transformation of organizational culture and results, begin with the development of every individual in the organization. Hence, this seminar focuses on the individual’s growth and in being a leader of one’s self.
This highly rated seminar is designed to give an opportunity for participants to raise their level of awareness so that he/she will be more clear, effective, successful and balanced. It aims to instill a high sense of accountability, responsibility, commitment, and Integrity, on the premise of their word is their bond.
The Aloha Achievement Program is a 90-day coaching program available for individuals who are 100% committed to discovering their full potentials and getting the results that they want to create in their lives.
Tony Martinez ALOHA Seminar / Workshop is about changing thoughts, actions and results over a period of 90 days. The participant’s behaviors and results will be monitored by a coach assigned to them, such that at the end of the program, participants experience achieving results that they have always wanted in their personal and professional goals.
However, as a prerequisite, the participant must have taken the Aloha Leadership Seminar with Tony Martinez to have the full understanding and life-changing lessons that Tony teaches you personally.
In addition to these programs, we also conduct other programs for corporate needs: Teambuilding and Mission/Vision Alignment.
Other programs include Successful Relationships, Teen Camps and Life Coaching. These programs are customized and designed to meet the specific requirements of the company.
So that we can fully address your needs and at the same time give you more detailed information about our seminars, Tony Martinez would like to request for a personal meeting with you. Tony and his team look forward to your favorable response to Aloha Seminars.
Thank you for this opportunity for Aloha to serve your organization, we look forward to assisting you in one of our seminars to develop your life and self-awareness skills.
 Key Points That Will Be Experienced by the Participants in the Seminar:
• Self-empowerment
• Increase in self-esteem and self-worth
• Leadership of self
• Positively cope with change
• Realize the value of commitment, responsibility, and accountability
• Work on embracing one’s fears
• Breaking through self-imposed limitations
• Dealing with past issues that limit people
• Team player attitude
• Determine where they are at and where they desire to go
• Tools and techniques in achieving results
• Celebrating success, importance acknowledgment of one’s
• Creativity and resourcefulness
• Relationship with others begins with a relationship with self
• Unleashing untapped potentials
• Dependability and Integrity
• Experience tools and techniques that they can use to create
Desired results and achieve goals
• A way to discover personal meaning and purpose in the
Achievement of the company’s objective

Benefits of the Organization:
• An empowered individual creates empowered teams and organizations
• Responsibility and accountability has a direct correlation to lesser people management issues and lesser employee
• Self-motivation and high self-esteem can be contagious and can permeate throughout the company
• Promoting company growth by seeing positive reasons for change versus negative reasons
• Creativity and resourcefulness can expand organizational results
• Harmonious relationship with oneself leads to better relationships at home and at work
• A change from problem-centric to solution orientation paradigm
• Strengthened commitment to personal leadership may assist individuals to find more meaning in
• The contributions they make for the growth of the organization
• Finding value in their personal goals and correlating it to the purpose of the company
• Increased Productivity with the same or less amount of activities

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