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Its timelessness can be compared to the relationship of husband-and-wife team Lizzie and Chito Guerero, who owns and runs The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH).  The two have gone a long way from being next door partners, childhood sweethearts, a married couple and eventually, business partners with their background in the food business (she as assistant manager for Chateau 1771 in Malate, he as part of the family that owns Cravings Restaurant), the two decided to put up a small canteen.  Four Grilla outlets later, the Guerreros thought of expanding their business. Finding space to rent in Katipunan, they decided on "top-of-mind" staples-comfort food that people have all the time.  Why not spaghetti? and why not bring it to a middle ground, thought Chito further.  "The funny thing is, when you think 'Spaghetti', it's either you go premium, which means an Italian restaurant where you spend a lot, or you go to fast food chains".  We wanted a middle ground, where diners can enjoy the same food quality as high-end restaurants. 
     A TOSH of Home The Old Spaghetti House banks on family recipes to become a household word without the expensive tab. "The venture eventually became a family affair, with hand-me-down traditional family recipes finding their way into the menu.  This is a cooking family, after all, Chito's mom Annie Pascual-Guerrero being the founder of the Cravings Group of Restaurants and the Center for Culinary Arts.  Lizzie's side of the family made its contributions as well. 
      It is not by chance that the motto of The Old Spaghetti House is "Treasure Waiting to be Discovered."  Since, not only does the atmorsphere capture treasures from the past, but the menu too is a treasure chest waiting to be discovered.  The menu of "The Old Spaghetti House" was developed by Lizzie Guerrero, who studied culinary arts in the Center for Culinary Arts, Manila.  The recipes that she uses have been passed-on to The Old Spaghetti House from friends and relatives.  Such items include Mama's Chicken Piccata (Lizzie's Lola), Ate Badjie's Mud Pie and Spaghetti with Meat Balls and Mommy Annie's American Baked Spareribs. 

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