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Ang Salon ng BayanHigh standards, quality products and services are the essential components of the business. When we discovered this consumer behavior through valuable years of experience; in 1999 we changed the name to Reyes Haircutters (RHC) along with it changes that led to the current look and color combination.

With its rebirth, RHC’s began a cultural shift which is geared towards a Salon that offers a variety of excellent and uniform services, a warm ambiance, competent and highly trained salon staff; all in an atmosphere of the most friendly pricing in the history of the Salon industry.

RHC is different from other wayside parlors or high-end salons in such that RHC has positioned itself as the “Filipino Family Salon” which means that it would cater to every member of the family at a great value and care at a price that the typical family could afford.

Haircut for P49.99 with shampoo and blow-dry and a Hot-oil treatment for a minimum of P99.99. These prices along with the other services are boldly displayed on the salon’s façade to welcome all types of consumers, thus, equalizing all social boundaries.

RHC then revolutionized the image of the Salon Industry from a thing of luxury to a service-oriented segment of the society. To better reach and serve the most number of consumers at the fastest time possible, RHC opened its doors to franchising in 2001 and rapidly expanded from four (4) company- owned branches located in the metropolis to more than a hundred nationwide.

No one anticipated its phenomenal growth in just barely two years of franchise operations and be this widely accepted and in demand with the consumers, with many more areas still requesting for new additional outlets to cater to the ever growing market not only here in the Philippines but abroad as well, starting off with countries which has a high population of Filipino Communities.

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