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Coming from a region filled with wonderful mysteries and incredible natural beauty, the Dead Sea is a marvel of nature, surrounded with mystique and is an eternal symbol of health and beauty. Its water and soils are rich in powerful minerals and regenerative ingredients. The SEESEA Dead Sea Minerals has harnessed these bountiful ingredients in the formulation of a premier line of cosmetic products to help restore the skin’s health and beautify it.

SEESEA Dead Sea Minerals offers a variety of high quality cosmetics including facial, skin and body care for men and women, developed in a state of the art laboratory.

The secret behind our products is the SEESEA Skincare Energizer (SSE) Complex™, which combines health-promoting Dead Sea minerals and powerful plant extracts indigenous to this region. Medical studies have shown that Dead Sea Minerals are effective in curing skin disorders by strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the skin’s chemical balance, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins.

The unique blend of Dead Sea Minerals and Botanical Extracts of SEESEA Skincare Energizer (SSE) Complex™ help firm, nourish and moisturize your skin, leaving it supple, relaxed and deliciously refreshed.

SEESEA Skincare Energizer (SSE) Complex™ is approved by the FDA of The Republic of the Philippines, GMP and ISO International Standards Certified (22716) by The Standards Institution of Israel. 

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