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A pochero restaurant in Cebu City is a dime a dozen but the idea of Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafoods came to be on October 2010. Originally enjoyed by the Villacastin family of Bantayan Island for an ordinary family meal. Once tasted by relatives brought on the adulations for an extraordinary recipe. The original flavor of the regular cebuano viand was enhanced with twenty- four secret ingredients that are natural and are found locally. The recipe was too good to keep for a family meal that sharing it brought on the idea of opening a pochero place in Cebu.

And so came Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafoods on December 15, 2010, three months after the idea came up. Originally there were 7 exotic dishes on the menu: melon shell which is a large mollusc with a decorative shell that we are all familiar with, sea cucumber which resembles the vegetable cucumber and has a distinct leathery feel but pleasantly palatable, hebi shrimp are sun-dried shrimps, and scallops taken from their individual shells and cooked. These were the unique seafood selection which were all brought fresh from the Island of Bantayan.

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