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Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed most days and do you care about your health? If you answered yes to one or both questions, then it pays to know this; STRESS is the #1 cause of ill health and we often don’t consider that getting a handle on our stress levels, allows us to feel healthier in more ways than one.   Are you sick of feeling sick? Over the overwhelm and just feel you are on the hamster of life getting nowhere, despite your best efforts? It’s as if nothing is ever enough. What if I told you that you ARE enough, you ARE doing your best and you can do it in a calm and happy manner. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Life can be ‘busy’ without stress, it just requires a shift in the was we perceive things and how learning why we feel they way we do. Understanding they, and dealing with that, can bring some really profound shifts in your wellbeing (emotional and physical).    Even if you think you have tried ‘everYthing’ chances are, you probably haven’t Because there are now some very effective scientifically validated wellbeing tools available that work beautifully with conventional counselling to help alleviate the feelings of panic, stress, anxiousness and overwhelm that one feels daily. Have you heard of ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ aka ‘tapping?’ even more importantly, have you tried it yet?   If you are constantly feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and pushing through is not working (you know because you’re constantly tired), perhaps now is the time to take action and  DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT to bring long term relief and help you feel better and happier and way more relaxed. It is my job to support YOU to break free of all constraints and find yourself ‘happy’ again, its never too late, you’re never too old. No matter what you have experienced in your past, it’s what you do NOW that will determine your future.

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