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Experience the New Zealand West Coast products designed specially to nourish and protect your skin and aid your well-being.

The base ingredients for our products are simply natural. Beeswax sourced from our local bees that feed on our native bushes and forests, Copra & Grapeseed Oils.
All our products sell at a very reasonable price because we believe everyone should be able to afford 100% natural care!

Our product list includes Skin Balms for Psoriosis, Eczema & Dry or Sunburnt Skin, Barrier Creams, Chest Rubs, Lip Balms,Sleep Balms, Insect Repellents and Anti-Itch Balms. All free from parabens, chemicals, toxins and preservatives because we like to keep things safe and natural!

We offer 3% Cashback whenever you spend over $200.00. 


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