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SelfLatch™, SelfClose™ and DoorMinder™ custom-installed safety systems for home-pool access doors

AutoStac™ electronic sliding-door operators for residential and hospitality industries.


Conversion of pool-access doors into effective child-resistant barriers for:

reducing risk of drowning by preventing unsupervised access to home pool areas by small children

keeping small children away from all potential outdoor hazards, within sight and hearing range of supervising adults

minimising the need for often costly and unsightly fencing between house and pool.


Since 2005, Swish have assisted home-pool owners to achieve pool-safety compliance, offering solutions which:

Meet the requirement the New Zealand Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987

Exceed the safety standards of NZS 8500:2006

Meet the requirements of territorial pool-safety authorities on specific application

Conform with the intentions of pending New Zealand home-pool safety legislation revisions (2014-2015).

Systems adaptability

Swish safety system installations are customised for the individuality of each home-pool environment, with solutions for:

most typical door types: sliding, bifold, hinged and stacking

existing or new door installations

either timber or aluminium door joinery

heavier slide-door panels up to 300kg, provided doorsets are correctly engineered and installed

electrically operated automatic doors.

Design and engineering qualities

Swish Pool Access Safety Systems™ feature:

manual operation option, with no necessity for mains-electrical supply

a simultaneous unlatch-open function beyond the reach and co-ordinative abilities of small children

virtually invisible installation with mechanisms concealed either within the panel frame or in a low-profile duct,

décor-blended with existing joinery

durable, low-maintenance componentry in marine-grade stainless steel and aluminium alloy.

Water-safety awareness support

Sponsorship of education for supervision of children near water hazards: pool, pond, river and sea (available in PDF)

Promotion of learn-to-swim programs: uSwim Australia, Pool Safety USA, Infant Swimming Resource USA.

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