Bakhache Luxuries

Cashback和Shopping Points在Bakhache Luxuries

  • 2% + 2.5 在您购买时
  • 您从第一美分开始按比例获得 (Cashback) 和 (Shopping Points)。指定的 SP 金额对应于 460 MYR 的购买。
  • 接受 网上购物

Bakhache Luxuries 的条款和条件

Bakache,bakach 这个合作商户使用你的消费总额作为计算你的消费奖赏的基础。

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关于Bakhache Luxuries

  • The company offers a comprehensive range of services that span across brand market entry facilitation, brand development and proliferation, event organization, public relations programs, strategic alliances and business development opportunities. The company plays the role of a facilitator to leading luxury brands of international standards to help create their demand in South East Asia and Australasia and provides them with an ideal platform to reach out to their target clients. With eight renowned international brands in its stable, the company plans to expand its footprint further in the region and internationally.

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