Cashback和Shopping Points在Aliexpress

  • 2% + 1 关于您的购买总额(净额)
  • 您从第一美分开始按比例获得 (Cashback) 和 (Shopping Points)。指定的 SP 金额对应于 150 USD 的购买。
  • 接受 网上购物


Please note that it can take up to 72 hours till your purchases are visible in your cockpit.

Sales from this merchant can be pending up to 365 days before benefits are paid out.

We also ask you to be patient as some transactions might be verified after more than 90 days.

Please note, that with this Loyalty Merchant it is not possible to subsequently grant Member Benefits after the order has been made.
Please check your system configuration before you place your order to ensure that your browser has the correct cookie settings.

消费前,请确保浏览器 Cookie 设置 正确,你可以在 常见问题 查阅网上购物的重要资讯!


AliExpress (全球速卖通)是由多个中小型企业组成的跨境电子商务平台,提供多种类消费产品。 AliExpress于2010年4月正式上线,是阿里巴巴旗下向全球市场跨境零售的在线交易平台。速卖通平台能让全球的消费者向中国的批发商以及制造商直接消费,使消费者能以批发价格享有更多的选择。


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