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  • 1% + 1 关于您的购买总额(净额)
  • 您从第一美分开始按比例获得 (Cashback) 和 (Shopping Points)。指定的 SP 金额对应于 150 AUD 的购买。
  • 接受 网上购物 MY的条款和条件

Important information:

- Only Bookings made using a desktop browser is accepted. Members booking via the App or mobile browser will not receive member benefits.

- Please note that Cashback & Shopping Points will be honoured for purchase made on the Malaysia website only. If a purchase is made by changing the website to a different country and currency instead of Malaysia/MYR, you may be redirected to another website. There will be NO Cashback & Shopping Point Deal honoured in this situation.

- will only confirm transactions after the stay has been completed. Cashback & shopping points will be put on hold until the trip has been completed and the confirmation process will only take effect after a completed booking.

- Bookings made using a coupon or promotional codes are not eligible for member benefits.

- Any untracked sales of may take up to 3 months to process. 由于此合作商户采用标准奖励计划,你的消费奖励将会以消费净值(扣除税项后的总值)计算。

消费前,请确保浏览器 Cookie 设置 正确,你可以在 常见问题 查阅网上购物的重要资讯!

关于 MY

Hotels.com是全球网络旅行品牌。我们提供客户多种选择:上千家住宿,从5星级豪华旅店到民宿和公寓。 我们价格只对客户公开,并在其他价格对比网站寻不到。顾客也能从手机和平板电脑中下载专属软件,让顾客能获得超过20,000个最后优惠。 在网上提供多于2500万的真实用户评论,帮助客户做更确定的选择。

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