TGV Cinemas


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At TGV Cinemas, it is not just about movies but a total entertainment experience! Since 1995, we have welcomed millions of guests through our doors offering the widest range of cinematic experiences in Malaysia.

We are proud to lead Malaysia with the first-in-market, IMAX with Laser Systems and 12-Channel Sound Technology, delivering the world’s most captivating movie-going experience.

Our Indulge halls redefine premium movie-going that will make you feel like a movie star! Relaxation finds a home in our Beanie halls, providing comfort through our cosy beanbag pods.

And don’t forget our Junior halls, that are specially designed to provide a safe and fun play space where kids can be kids.

With a national network of multiplexes spanning 39 locations nationwide, we are committed to creating joyful moments and unforgettable memories at the movies.

Whether you need family fun, a great night out, a luxurious experience or an immersive cinematic adventure - you can have it all at TGV Cinemas.  

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