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YC Asset and Property Management Sdn Bhd Company Profile

YC Asset and Property Management Sdn Bhd is a leading company in the hospitality industry, specializing in providing comfortable and excellent homestay services, room rental services, and property management solutions. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond to ensure our guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay. We take pride in offering added value services that introduce visitors to exciting places to visit and recommend excellent dining experiences. Additionally, we provide unique cashback opportunities, allowing our guests to enjoy financial benefits while exploring their surroundings.

Our Services:

Homestay Services:
We offer a wide range of homestay options, including luxurious apartments, cozy villas, and spacious townhouses. Our properties are meticulously maintained and designed to provide utmost comfort and convenience. Whether guests are traveling for business or leisure, our homestays offer a home away from home experience, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Room Rental Services:
For individuals or groups seeking temporary accommodation, our room rental services provide a cost-effective solution. We offer clean and well-furnished rooms in convenient locations, suitable for both short and long-term stays. Our rooms are equipped with essential amenities to meet the needs of our guests, making their stay comfortable and hassle-free.

Property Management Services:
We specialize in comprehensive property management solutions for property owners, including investors and landlords. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of property management, from advertising and tenant screening to rent collection and maintenance. With our expertise, property owners can maximize their investment returns while leaving the day-to-day management tasks in our capable hands.

Added Value Services:

Recommendations for Local Attractions:
We understand that exploring new places is an exciting part of any trip. That's why we take pride in providing our guests with detailed recommendations for local attractions and hidden gems to visit. Whether it's historical landmarks, scenic spots, or cultural hotspots, our team ensures our guests have access to the best experiences their destination has to offer.

Culinary Delights:
We believe that good food is an essential part of any memorable journey. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to guide our guests to the best local eateries, highlighting regional specialties and popular culinary destinations. From fine dining restaurants to street food stalls, we ensure that our guests have an exceptional dining experience during their stay.

Cashback Opportunities:
To further enhance our guests' experience, we offer unique cashback opportunities. Through partnerships with local businesses, we provide our guests with exclusive discounts and cashback offers when they spend at participating establishments. This added value service allows our guests to enjoy financial benefits while indulging in shopping, dining, and various activities during their stay.

Our Commitment:
At YC Asset and Property Management, we are committed to delivering outstanding service, ensuring our guests' utmost comfort, and creating memorable experiences. We strive to exceed expectations, providing personalized assistance and attention to detail. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that each guest enjoys a pleasant and stress-free stay, whether it's for a short visit or an extended period.

Contact Us:
For more information about our services or to make a reservation, please contact us at:

YC Asset and Property Management Sdn Bhd
Address: Unit 2-151, No 1, Jalan Metro Pudu, Fraser Business Park, 55100 KL
Phone: 601136869657

Experience the comfort, convenience, and added value services offered by YC Asset and Property Management. Let us be your trusted partner in providing an exceptional homestay, room rental, and property management experience.


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