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Established in 2019, our practice encompasses general preventive health measures primarily aimed at family clinic. In addition, we actively promote the concept of prevention and routine check-ups with doctors to ensure better health, wellness and lifestyle for client’s happiness and their families with our value-added services. We are confident of serving the clients better by having a well distributed and equipped network of primary healthcare clinics, manned by well-trained doctors, nurses and staff; where a patient’s requirement for routine ailments and preventive care will always be met.

Servis yang ditawarkan
1. Wound Care Dressing
2. Konsultansi Penyakit
3. Ultrasound 5D Scan
4. Nebulizer/asma
5. Rawatan Sakit Lutut
6. Suntikan Vaksin Umrah (Meningococcal)
7. Suntikan Vaksin Pengendali Makanan (Thyphoid)
8. Pemeriksaan Kesihatan (Pra Persekolahan Berasrama, Pra Universiti, Pra Kerjaya)
9. Servis Pengimejan X Ray
10. Rawatan Dehidrasi
11. Program Sunathon Musim Cuti Persekolahan
12. Pendaftaran Temujanji Melalui laman Web dan Telefon
13. Servis Bergerak ke Rumah Pesakit (mobile house call)

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