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Fitnjoy Basic is a group dance fitness program which combines dance and fitness moves. The sequence of a Fitnjoy class start with warm up, step-by-step reaching high intensity, some fun (still connected to fitness) and end up with cool down moves.

Fitnjoy Power is a dance fitness concept where the moves combines high intensity interval training with synchronized encouraging music. Using only bodyweight to tone up muscles, combining cardio and plyometric moves to burn calories and to tone abs, arms, legs and glutes.
FNJ Junior, the kids group dance concept which balance between education, knowledge and fun. We believe in a pressure-free environment and that dance is educational. We give kids a positive introduction to sport and fitness generally, not only dance, with an aim to naturally make them stay healthy and active. Group dance fitness, games and competitions are the basic of a class. We are focusing on music, how to listen, understand, and use it in a positive way (based on science) in their lives generally.

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