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Dear valued customer & friend, 
Little Bra is a premier lingerie retailer with more than 10 years of experience. 
We have built an enviable reputation in lingerie business on retailing more than 100 types of lingerie like contour, wireless, seemless, sports, maternity bras, etc.
We offer unique shopping experience with a holistic and intimate approaches for our customer needs.
Making sure our customer to get the most -
💕 Comfortable and high-end lingerie
💕 Quality assurance
💕 Reasonable price
💕 Professionals to serve you.
Let fit your most comfortable and healthy lingerie!
Reveal your own inner beauty!
Besides of retailing lingerie, we are a one-stop ladies shopping store.
You can find dinner dress, clothing, sleepwear, slimming suit, jewelry, etc.
Plus, alteration and special modification service is provided here too!
Welcome everyone to come and support us!
Hi 亲爱的顾客朋友 我们是内衣专卖店 我们拥有10年以上的丰富经验 我们店里拥有各种各样的款式内衣任您选择(调整型 无钢圈 无缝 运动以及哺乳内衣等等) 至少有20个款式以上 另外我们非常重视客户需求 让您找到 👇🏻👇🏻
让您穿得舒适又健康的内衣 找回属于自己的内在美😍 除了内衣以外 我们还有售卖服饰😊👉🏻👉🏻(小礼服 连身裙 睡衣套装 瘦身套装 内裤 首饰)
是一间一站式购物店 欢迎大家前来捧场支持我们😘😘
We also have Shopee store for Customer purchase with us ,many vouchers and discount price wait for you claim 😍😍😍
我们也有Shopee 网购,专提供更多优惠价福利给大家,大家多多支持😘😘😘

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