Mersing Yong Tau Fu

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The usual choices like stuffed eggplant, bitter guard, ladies finger and chillies, there are also some special vegetable Yong Tau Foo where you hardly get it from other Yong Tau Foo stall. Also, these Yong Tau Foo are prepared early in the morning and directly be sold in the restaurant once cooked to ensure the freshness. 
Commonly, Yong Tau Foo are prepared in two different method – dried or soup. For dried version, these Yong Foo will be fired or broiled before serving with a plateful of concentrated sweet savory sauce. The soup version of Yong Tau Foo is just Yong Tau Foo cooked and served in a bowl of porky hot broth. Options of noodles can be added to the bowl of Yong Tau Foo if you are a big eater.

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