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"A garden-style cafe hidden on the second floor in Alor Setar" 😍😍
🔥 Chill's flower tea shop
🔥 New Afternoon Tea Package
🔥 Singapore 🇸🇬 Returned Chef
Recently, the editor discovered this simple garden-style cafe hidden on the second floor. Have you been there? It's right at the shophouse opposite the Taman Rakyat Sime tyre factory (upstairs at Fresh Mart 365)‼ ️
Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can lazily watch the people passing by on the street. Cars come and go, but you are not surrounded by loud noises, replaced by elegant and slow music. Therefore, you can see that most people will order a cup of herbal tea or coffee and sit here chatting, partying, or working.
The food is also very diverse‼ ️ In addition to a variety of Western food, they have recently launched a new afternoon tea package😋😋 which includes not only their signature Boomy Creamy Mushroom Soup, but also Croissant and Slice Cake🍰 The price is also very favorable, which is very suitable for little sisters to have dinner together eat together.
It is worth mentioning that his chef returned from Singapore 🇸🇬. Therefore, no matter the taste or the presentation, it will not disappoint. Also... the food here is Muslim-friendly, if you want to have dinner with your friends, you may consider coming here‼ ️
Let me tell you secretly, they still have promotions now‼ ️ What are you waiting for? Hurry up to Share & Tag your best friends, let's check in and eat delicious food together    
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