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我们的店,【皇 SK Pork Noodles 沙巴正宗生肉面 】位于 Mahkota Cheras。師傅是沙巴亞庇人,生肉面食谱是由师傅家族传下来的,掌握了生肉面食谱的精髓,把沙巴传统的味道发挥得淋漓至尽。
生肉面汤头非常鲜甜,是每天新鲜熬制3-6小时的。大力推荐点我们的 “生肉皇”,满满的一碗料超丰富的!价钱便宜,又大碗,又超好吃!
除了“生肉皇“,和其他大慨100种食物以外,每天从早上到下午, 我们都贴心的为顾客设计了几款套餐,让你选择, 价钱实惠又好吃!
店里设有冷气,60张椅子,环境也相当地整洁舒适,超适合带上一家大小来这里用餐的,因为食物选择超多,分量也妥妥的,总有一样适合你的家人。最重要的是价格超级亲民,又有现金回馈和赚取购物分数,何乐而不为呢? 期待你们的到来哦!

Our shop, SK Pork Noodles is located in Mahkota Cheras. The chef is a native of Sabah, and the raw meat noodle recipe is handed down from the chef family, who has mastered the essence of the noodle recipe and brought out the traditional taste of Sabah to the fullest.
The raw meat noodle soup is very fresh and sweet, and it is freshly boiled for 3-6 hours a day. Highly recommend our "Raw Meat Emperor", a bowl full of super rich ingredients! Affordable price and come in big bowl, and super delicious! In addition to "Raw Meat King" and 100 other kinds of food, we have thoughtfully designed several set meals for customers, so that you are drawn with choices, again the price is affordable and delicious!
The restaurant has air conditioning, with 60 chairs, and the environment is also clean, cozy and comfortable, which is perfect for bringing a family to eat here, because there are so many food choices and appropriate portions, there is always something for your family. The most important thing is that the price is super affordable, and there is cashback rewards and shopping points to be collected, so what are you waiting for now? We look forward to welcoming you!

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