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United Survey Consultants (KK) is committed and readily provides the
following consultancy and survey services certified by our Licensed

a) Cadastral or Title Survey
To carry out various title survey in respect of direct alienation of State
Land or subdivision of alienation lands for agriculture, residential,
commercial and industrial developments.

b) Topographical and Detail Survey
To provide both vertical and horizontal controls for mapping and large
scale survey as well as topographical details and contour plans at any
required scale and contour intervals for feasibility studies, planning
design and engineering purposes.

c) Engineering Survey
To provide levels, spot heights and cross sections of channels, etc. for
engineering design purposes; To set out engineering works such as roads,
drains, canals, bunds, building sites, etc.

d) Land Development, Planning and Design
To design and draw up scheme or subdivision plans in accordance with
the requirements of the Development Control Standards and sound town
and planning principles for agricultural, residential, commercial and
industrial developments.

e) Mining Survey
To determine the position of boreholes, position and dip of mineral veins
and outcrops. To set out vertical and horizontal of mine shafts, etc.

f) Hydrographical Survey
To provide specialized hydrographical and geological survey services in
associates with Hydrokaji Survey Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur). This is
especially for offshore petroleum and marine related industries,
bathymetric and seabed mapping, dredging survey, acoustic navigation
and jetty pre-construction feasibility studies.

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