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Re Beauty Therapy as beauty and health center strongly believe the energy of plants is captured to restore balance, harmony and health on all levels of consciousness. All services provided by Re Beauty Therapy will always start with PODO treatment as a foundation so that customer will get maximize benefits for every following treatment they get from us.

PODO treatment always start with energy checking, or we call muscle test to find out the stronger and weakness part in our body or mental. Thru this process, we manage to help customer get their personal set of Flower Formula which can help to boost up their energy. PODO treatment will end with a process which treatment therapy will help release locking energy by pulling finger joint gently. This action will help to speedy up self-healing system by our nature body.

After PODO treatment, customer will proceed to the next treatment such as facial, spinal code maintain service, emotional lymphatic detox treatment and REIKI Treatment.

We strongly recommended PODO treatment to all Kids and teenager (Especially special child), adult, senior citizen, and pregnancy.

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