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With more than 2,500 stores worldwide, Foot Locker is the world’s leading seller of shoes and sportswear. The close collaboration between us with leading brands means we will always offer you the best and most exclusive range of products. At Foot Locker, shoes are designed in our hearts and shoes are our dreams ... Shoes are the core of our lives and we are very proud of our ability to deliver the latest trends to our followers. For over 30 years, Our collection has been collected by shoe lovers. Only the best, most relevant and most interesting products will be displayed on our shelves and in our online catalog. "If featured in Foot Locker, it's definitely the best!" This is recognition to us from the public. Whether you’re a dedicated shoe fan or crave new shoes once in a while, Foot Locker is the perfect place to meet all your needs. Don’t forget to explore our great range of clothes and accessories as well! Please remember: most of our products you won't find anywhere else!In Europe alone, Foot Locker means more than 620 stores in premium locations, across 20 countries and has been in operation for about 30 years . Foot Locker Europe also means an exciting digital experience for our growing fan base, through an exciting website and a great interactive social media platform. Finally, the Foot Locker is a well -established element in street culture, shoe culture and an active lifestyle in Europe. We always strive to contribute to the community and we participate in various events and happenings across the continent. Whether it's a party, a sports competition, a social gathering, a shoe show ... Foot Locker will always be hosting activities, anytime. Follow our progress and liven up your shoe lifestyle with Foot Locker!

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