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We have a wide range of health supplements at an affordable price.
Are you health conscious? Then look no further than our Seabuckthorn Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder, which helps restore your immune system to an excellent level.
Furthermore, we have a good variety of skincare products for you, such as:
  • Face lifting spray – help reduce eye bags and wrinkles, lighten pigmentation and acne marks, rejuvenate skin cells and give you radiant skins.
  • Twin pack hydrating baby serum – for lightening of wrinkles, repairing, hydrating, moisturizing, balancing and brightening of skins, pore refining and anti-aging.
  • Night use baby serum – for hydrating, firming and whitening of skins.
  • Cleanser – help cleanse pores thoroughly, yet gentle to your skins.
  • Deep hydrating tissue mask – help hydrate dried skins, while brightening and firming them.

Oral care? Yes, try our probiotic toothpaste, which help regulate oral microflora balance and reduce dental plaque, giving you fresh breath and bright teeth.
Want to look sharp? Remember to ask for our seabuckthorn lipstick. We have a good range of colours and we are sure you will love them.

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