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  • Ќе добиете Cashback и Shopping Points сразмерно од првиот денар. Наведениот износ на SP одговара на купување на 6500 MKD.
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The IT industry has penetrated into absolutely every other industry. From medicine to construction, from sport to fun, from production to sale. They all need our favorite tool, called software. When there is the right software, things get faster and more precise, and the business itself is easier.
The technology is progressing at a tremendous speed and is often changing. This should make us happy, because the new versions allow us to solve many problems.
Making web pages 'from scratch'. From design to functionality, using the latest web technologies.
We arrange type, form, and image on posters, advertisements, packages, and other printed matter, as well as information visualizations and graphics for newspapers and magazines.

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* Во зависност од производите кои биле консумирани кај Трговските партнери, може да има варијации во конкретната исплата на маржите за провизија. Затоа не се гарантира точноста на податоците на оваа веб страница.