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BEST NATURAL PURE ORGANIC SHAMPOO - Thanks to the new express formula with herbal extract & sapropel, our eczema essential oil shampoo is great for all types and colors of hair - blond or brunette. Ideal for daily wash, especially for dry and damaged hair. Perfect for salon, home or travel use.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Only natural ingredients are used in our organic shampoo. Completely made from ingredients found in nature, 100% biodegradable.
EXLUSIVE FORMULA - Our organic oil shampoo for men & women is based on out-and-outer formula. It deals with itching, fights dandruff, heals psoriasis and helps blood circulation.
SAPROPEL EXTRACT & PROTEIN - Sapropel saturates hair with minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Protein restores the structure of hair and makes it shiny and elastic.
COMPLEX OF ORGANIC EXTRACTS - Selenium shampoo's formula has such curative properties as being antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritating, as well as, moisturizing.

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