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"Binatec" - European company, operating in the sphere of development, production and promotion of innovative, ecological cleaning and washing agents with unique detergent and healthy properties.

For today company "Binatec" offers the market three series of innovative products : for house - "BioHome", personal hygiene - "BioBeauty" and car cleaning agents - "BioMobile". All production is produced in European Union under  the own trade mark Binatec®.

Binatec® - a new generation of organic cleaning and washing agents for Your home and cleansers for personal hygiene. Binatec®products are unique - they are developed with the recommendations of doctors allergists.

It is recommended for people who have weak immunity and suffer from asthma, for pregnant, as well as for people who are allergic to aggressive chemical substances. Means reduce risks of inflectional illnesses in areas where there are children.

Binatecproducts are ecologically safe,  hyppoallergic, enriched with probiotic cultures. Protect ing You and Your house from pathogenic bacteria without harming environment. Biodegradable, do not contain phosphates. Are affordable and economical.

The principle of Binatec® production efficiency is the physical separating of dirt from a surface without harmful  chemical compound formation. 

For this day company "Вinatec" offers laundry washing,  surface cleaning agents,dishwashing liquids, cleansers for personal hygiene, car cleaning agents, as well as animal care products and cleaning agents for animal habitation places.

All products represent a combination of unattainable before efficiency in a fight against any dirt, ability to restore and support a healthy microbiological environment and positively effects human and domestic animal health.

The basis of products are unique innovative formulas -  BPC™, ОSC™ and UZC™.

All products are safe, biodegradable and meet the requirements of EU ecological standards.

Binatec® products bring to Your house health, cleanness and welfare!

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