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Про The Tight Spot

At The Tight Spot we pride ourselves on customer service and continued product development for the ultimate hosiery shopping experience.

TheTightSpot.com online hosiery boutique cherry picks high fashion and everyday top selling tights, stockings, hold ups and leggings. With a range that offers over 2000 styles accross 22 best selling hosiery brands, all our products are good quality, comfortable and up to date with the latest trends and fashion.

All our products have been reviewed personally to ensure we advise our customers in detail and specific size charts have been designed to help you purchase the right size. In our Glossary you will also find every technical term or piece of industry lingo explained – but if you still have questions, our customer service team are always happy to help.

High street hosiery shopping can be a frustrating experience, as brands and styles are limited from store to store. Hosiery is not a product you ‘Try Before You Buy’ and the packaging can mask how the tights look, but with our in depth descriptions and Zoom Feature you can really see all our styles in detail.

For speed and ease, styles are divided into ‘Work,’ ‘Party’ and ‘Romance’, so there is no difficulty in finding the perfect pair of tights for any occasion.

Don't forget to view our ever expanding Outlet which offers the most amazing discounts.

Transform an outfit and add a little luxury to your wardrobe.

Whether your looking for up to the minute designer fashion from the likes of Wolford, a striking party look from Fiore or the only truly glossy tights from Cecilia De Rafael – we’ve got hosiery covered! 

Thank you for shopping at The Tight Spot. 

PS : We also offer Free Returns!

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