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Про Romwe

The last scene of American Beauty is a red plastic bag flying with the wind, up and down, which is similar to the flying feather in the beginning of Forrest Gump. The similar images portray different aspects of baby boomers. Everyone’s got their own way through all twists and turns in life.


Like baby boomers in the US, the 80s and 90s generations are always a heated topic. There’s too many tags for them - being rebellious, egotistic, ignorant in China, being pirating, suspicious, shy, and cautious all over the world. Sometimes you just gotta play your cards - to be good or bad. Now it is our turn to play. But we wonder how this game is played?


We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it... We are tolerant. We are diverse. We create things that we are familiar and that people want.

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