Siuvimo fiesta

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Sewing Fiesta is a Lithuanian boutique brand producing high quality linen goods. We work tirelessly to bring joy, comfort and coziness to your life and enrich your home style with our products. Our assortment includes bath and sauna robes, linen hair towels and turbans, bath and kitchen towels, aprons, as well as table textiles. 
Our goal is to offer you natural and pure products to bring nature closer to your daily life. While working on our designs we mainly focus on the quality of our textiles, well thought out designs and the smallest details to deliver you a perfect product, which would delight you upon receiving it. 
If you are looking for a present for a wedding, christening or anniversary, come take a look and we are sure you will go away with a heartwarming gift. 
We are based in Lithuania and produce our handmade goods right here, in Vilnius. 
In creating our designs we trust our inner feeling. The creative process is mainly spontaneous, coming from playing with different ideas, colors and fabrics. Our final designs might be born from different approaches. Sometimes, we just start sewing and from there, after a few variations, the final product is born. Other times, the idea comes to mind upon seeing or touching a certain fabric. 
No matter which creative road we are embarking on, our main value is the quality of the product we present to our clients. Every little detail counts, however small it might seem. In our manufacturing we only use natural fabrics. All our products are handmade, made by Daiva.

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