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Logopedinė pagalba asmenims, turintiems  kalbėjimo, kalbos, rijimo ir įvairių raidos sutrikimų, nuotoliniu būdu. Pagal poreikį informuojami tėvai, vaikai, pedagogai norimais klausimais, palaikomas nuolatinis grįžtamasis ryšys.

Logomoko is an online portal for people seeking speech therapies for people with speech, language, swallowing and various disorders. As needed, parents, children, educators are informed on the topics they want, sustained feedback is maintained, a harmonious balance and continuous cooperation in personal and everyday life.
New: High-quality and confidential psychological help or counseling to help resolve psychological problems. For more information, please contact us by private message or telephone.
Language and speech disorders are one of the most common language problems that can have serious consequences in personal and professional life. Did you know that more than 70 percent of people in Lithuania often struggle with learning to preserve a revolving vocabulary? Do you come across these people? Would you like to find a useful and practically applicable methodology to help you achieve the desired results?
Do you feel that you do not know how to solve the problem? Does the child not listen and behave differently than you would like? The current pace of life, problems, constant stress accompany you to the unknown. Can you believe that some kind of methodology can change your child's behavior in the right direction? Logomoko services will provide all this and more! Contact me.
Consultations and lessons are held remotely. By using distance services, you are provided with the advancement of the learner, consistently track the progress and learning process. In any country / town / country in the world, at a free and convenient time, you can click the mouse button and start the journey towards the desired and desired result.
New: Outbound Individual Speech Therapy / Local and International Therapies.
Justina is trained in providing an array of up-to-date therapy techniques to help both children and adults achieve their goals. I have wide experience in the field of speech therapist at the regional and international levels. I offer speech therapies for children with speech, swallowing and various disorders. I am a member of the Association of Lithuanian Speech therapists. My incentive to act further is the results achieved and my customer feedback. I try to make my clients more accessible - which is why I chose the digital platform, which is convenient for me and my esteemed customers. 
Experienced Speech Language Pathologist with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Research, Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership, and Creativity Skills. Strong information technology professional with a Master's degree focused in Education from Šiauliu Universitetas.
Speech and Language Pathologist who sees both children and adults. Experience from a Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology degree and a spectrum of clinical environments including private practice, inpatient and outpatient school and community based practice. Also committed to providing evidence-based interventions for children and adults alike, tailoring therapy to each client’s individual needs. My experience enables to provide comprehensive one-on-one, group and school program interventions.
Justina is trained in providing an array of up-to-date therapy techniques to help both children and adults achieve their goals.
For more detailed information, please contact us by phone or personal message:
Telephone number: +37060367996

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