The myWorld Plug-in - even better with our Shopping Tracker

The the myWorld Plug-in has already been one of your most important companions when shopping online with myWorld up until now, as it shows you where you can find our Online Partners or whether you are just visiting one in your desktop browser. But now the myWorld Plug-in has gotten even better, because with the Shopping Tracker it checks whether your browser is configured correctly for collecting Cashback and Shopping Points.

There is a small chance that certain browser settings prevent us from recording your purchase at one of our Online Partners. And if we don't know that you have bought something at a Partner we also cannot credit you with your benefits. With the push of one button, the Shopping Tracker of the myWorld Plug-in checks whether you will receive Cashback and Shopping Points when shopping online at our Partners.

If the Shopping Tracker realises that a setting is not correct, it will give you the necessary information to change that. That way, you will not just always find the right Online Partner, you will also know that your browser is configured correctly at all times. Try it out right away and shop with the myWorld Plug-in.

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* The margin benefits are dependant on the products purchased and the Loyalty Merchant. All here too information on this website is therefore without guarantee.