Cashback World goes myWorld

Even if our Shoppers already like to shop with us at our Partners and are happy about receiving Cashback and Shopping Points every time, we are still continuously thinking about how we can get even better. Our main focus is on how we can offer our Shoppers even more benefits when they shop so that they want to visit our Partners even more often.

The result of our deliberations is impressive and will reveal itself to our Shoppers step by step in the coming months. So you know what to expect we have compiled the main points for you.

The most important thing:
Cashback World and the marketplace are combining their strengths and are growing together under the name myWorld in the future.

For you, this means:
- More possibilities to shop with benefits
- Attractive new benefits for your Shopping Points
- A new look for your Shopping Community
- All the amenities you have come to love
- Of course you keep all benefits you have collected so far

So look forward to the improvements that will continually be available to you in the coming months. We are certain, once you have seen everything, you will say: "myWorld is my shopping world."

* The margin benefits are dependant on the products purchased and the Loyalty Merchant. All here too information on this website is therefore without guarantee. CashBlack Week Double Cashback: myWorld.com, travelWorld.com and Partners not marked as Double Cashback are excepted.