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What do we offer? .
We offer various types of naturopathy treatments such as mud therapy, color therapy, magneto therapy, hydrotherapy, diet, fasting, massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology. All these treatments are administered by expert staff. We also conduct yoga classes, which increases body stamina and leads to a healthier life. Our lessons begin with Sithilikarna Vyayama, which are exercises that loosen the body and pave way for doing asanas. These are followed by Kriyas, or cleansing techniques which purify the body’s nadis and train it for Bandhas, Mudras and Pranayama. The basic yoga techniques learnt here prepares the body for advanced yoga exercises, which leads to elevated state of mind and body.
Why Sahara Natural Cure?
The results obtained from our way of treatment cannot be found in allopathy or ayurveda, because these methods only relieve the health problem, but do not cure it. Our natural treatments increase the body’s innate healing abilities so that it can overcome illness and balance is restored. The purpose of our natural treatments is to bring the patient back to good health and prevent the body from succumbing to diseases. Many people take a lot of medication for their health problems, only to find that their body has become weak afterwards. Treatments, at Sahara Nature Cure do not disrupt the body in any way. Instead they strengthen the body from within which makes you feel energetic and rejuvenated. Since our treatments are natural there are no side effects.

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