Rasidan's Mother's masala

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Many Indian restaurants serve dinner family-style. Or individuals may order different entrees and share. The very best experience is to have a variety of dishes, so hopefully you won't be dining alone and try sone of these favorite menu items here.
Rice or Dal is a simple choice at an Indian restraunt. Pulses are protien options, but many dishes are offered with other benefits too. Others are a wonderful blend of vegetables, spices, and grains.
Paneer- Paneer is made such like ricotta and is a fresh " cottage" type cheese, Its used in many recipes and sometimes cut into cubes like tofu, but with a much different flavor. We use this in many dishes from appetizers- Cottage cheese Tikkas- to main courses like Paneer Makhmali.
Saag- Another favorite side dish is Saag, a traditional creamead spianch. Vegeterian freindly and gluten-free, Saag is a must try ours is a delicious traditional blend of creamed spinach, fenugreek seasonal leafy veggies.
Biryani- If you enjoy Chinese or thai stir-fry rice, a Biryani is a safe choice for you. Biryani combines very best Basmati rice with fresh vegetables and a perfect blend of spices. The Biryani is one of our specialties and we offer 2 kinds: Veg Biryani made with fresh veggies and indian spices, Hyderabadi Biryani with a speciaal touch of south indian masalas.
Raita- The point of Indian cuisine is a blend of taste and texture. A side dish, Raita is a creamy cucumber-yogurt that helps cool things down. Raita is a great compliment for all spicy dishes, especially the Biryani's.
INDIAN BREAD-- Even the pickiest eater will find at least one thing they're sure to love in an Indian restaurant -- the Naan!
It may be plain or flavored with garlic or other spices and herbs.It is soft, and you can tear it apart and use pieces of it to scoop up your other food.
We offer two types of Naan: Cheese naan with gravy & Garlic naan with gravy.
If you make your visit to Rasian's Mother's Masala, the best Indian restaurant in Mohali, you will be sure to find your new fixation!
You may find yourself hooked on a culinary magic carpet ride, with savory favorites and surprising taste treats awaiting your discovery. 

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