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How long it would take to cure? When a complete cure would be known?

Health is better defined as enthusiasm to work and compassionate to contribute service/support/love to the mankind/society.

Cure, is purely depended on the strength of one’s own vital energy within them. One can realize the recovery either at the same moment or even after few sittings also. Recovery depends upon one's own strength of immunity (Life Force) in them. Hence cure can be experienced even in a fraction of a second or may take its own time. For better recovery, treatment should be taken within a gap of 8 to 15 days. Recovery means elimination of wastes. This is done by the Life Force. So depending on the quality and quantity of their existing Life Force, recovery will take place.

So, to save more Life Force, unwanted usage of energy through digestion, physical and mental works must be avoided. We can very easily “realize” the improvement during recovery after the treatment. It all depends upon the co-operation we provide to the system, following natural laws. Between consecutive sittings, there should be a time gap of 8 to 15 days.


When there is an imbalance in energy flow between the internal organs, there will be discomforts in our system and we call these discomforts or signs as disease. In Acupuncture therapy, through pulse diagnosis, an accurate point is identified and with consciousness it is stimulated by gentle touch.

Wherever there is a change in the energy sharing and distribution in the organs, their normal functions get affected. Many disturbances happen at various locations which are sensed in different forms. This happening is named wrongly as disease. In order to set right the energy levels and bring them back to normal flow, the “Acupuncture points”, situated on the surface of the skin, are accurately identified and stimulated gently by a conscious fingertip touch. This process is termed as ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY.

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