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Hailing from Ireland, the brand was created when mother Yvonne was busy experimenting with ingredients for her smoothies. In an attempt to find the perfect blend, the unassuming broad bean entered the mix.Though they didn’t quite make the cut for smoothies, son Shane saw the potential in the beans, pocketing a bagful for school the following day. As a safe alternative to nuts, the snacks proved a hit and within weeks Shane’s classmates were placing orders. Yvonne soon took the reins and word quickly got out about these delicious, nutritious snacks.   Vegan snacks often have a reputation for brilliant health benefits but tend to lack on the flavour side of things. Well, it seems Yvonne and Shane have put a stop to that. “Garlicky, salty, slightly sweet and crunchy. What’s not to like?”. Clearly impressed with the snack, the Great Taste panel awarded Blendi two of their coveted stars and it’s easy to see why. With classic, satisfying flavours like garlic, red onion and BBQ, Blendi hits the spot just like a bag of crisps or nuts, except with much more flavour and nutrition, and far less fat.

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