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Over my working lifetime, I have realised that I am really fulfilled by seeing the joy expressed by women after effective therapy, treatment or consultation. And, happily, I believe it’s mutual! I love working for and with people as it provides opportunities for me, as a professional, to develop further. Each person is unique, so each treatment, therapy or consultation is unique. That’s the drive for my future business development.
For 30 years I have been practicing healthy eating and following a vegetarian diet. I have learned how different diets, detoxing and fasting can affect my body. I never miss my morning walk and meditation and my favourite time to do it is before sunrise.
I feel very strongly that in my everyday life as well as in my business, it is important to use natural and eco-friendly products whenever possible. Every step towards a healthy lifestyle has brought me more joy as my quality of life has been improving year after year, decade after decade. Today, as well as walking, I can enjoy the swimming and cycling that was prohibited to me in childhood.
For whom?
I work for people who appreciate professionalism and a holistic approach to therapy and treatments and who honour me by allowing me to take care of them. My clients understand that body, mind and spirit are correlated and must be in balance, so treatments are carefully planned according to the client’s needs and schedule and take personal lifestyle into account. I work for people who do not like to waste time and energy on something unknown but prefer to target specific problems, needs or wants in the here and now. They therefore seek appropriate professional advice or treatments and consequently develop their knowledge of body care, weight loss, nutrition and diet, essential oils and other holistic treatments such as colour therapy. Each person brings (or develops!) an open mind and loses the fear of crossing personal boundaries and thus learns to relish the new challenge to live more fully. Naturally, the relationship with clients involves continuous communication which can be either one – to - one or in groups.

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