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Skin-Dex is not a weight loss program or treatment for obesity, but rather a way of reshaping or reducing thickness in the desired area. This system does remarkable things from destroying fat cells and smoothing cellulite to skin tightening with the end result of improving the body’s overall look. Both men and women with fat deposits are candidates for this treatment.

Bodyform-Dex |  Frequency to destroy fat cells while leaving the remaining body tissues unharmed. It is entirely pain-free, giving lasting results with no side effects. The science behind is that the ultrasound fields create pressure within fat cells, which gradually increase and eventually explode once they reach a certain size. Because the fat cells don’t have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations, they break down without damaging the vascular, nervous and or muscular tissue.

BodyForm-Dex not only gets rid of fat cells but also tightens the skin, detoxifies the body and increases lymphatic and metabolic rates, leaving clients with a toned definition. As well, it soothes and diminishes stretch marks and reduces redness and pigmentation issues within a few sessions! An individualized evaluation based on your goals will determine the number of sessions performed by our specialist.

Aquapure Cluederm Facial | AQUAPURE is a non-invasive, multifunctional facial care device that treats a variety of skin conditions in patients with diverse skin profiles. It offers a diverse treatment program that boosts skin elasticity, rejuvenation, and nutrient-rich solutions while delivering immediate and long-lasting results.

The highest grade of laboriously selected ingredients and natural extracts are delivered to various layers of the skin, promoting a rejuvenated and brighter complexion. Prior to receiving the AQUAPURE treatment, the practitioner may perform a thorough massage of the face to enhance exfoliation and infusion of the AQUASOLUTION’s carefully selected ingredients.

AQUAPURE treats the following skin conditions:

• Uneven skin tone

• Sun damage/Hyperpigmentation

• Dehydrated skin

• Oily and acne-prone skin

• Fine lines and wrinkles

Post-treatment, there are no requirements necessary. Patients can apply makeup immediately following treatment while going about their daily routines. 

Facial BodyForm-Dex  |  Hyalgen ™ Serum and radiofrequency (RF) combination boosts and accelerates the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin imperfections in the face and neck area. Tightening, firming, and brightening to reveal younger, and healthier-looking skin with results visible after the first treatment. A significant improvement in the quality of the skin through increased production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin from the Hyalgen Serum.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment is for nonsurgical aging signs intense improvement. With deep, controlled heating of the inner layers under the skin, the generation of collagen improves skin firmness and increases blood circulation.

Celltense Cellulite Bodyform-Dex | Celltense™ Serum is scientifically proven to boost and accelerate the efficacy of radiofrequency body tightening treatments, making them 18 times more effective. With outstanding visible results, the Celltense™ Serum partnered with RF treatments increases the density of the dermis, firms and smooths the epidermis allowing the skin to resist fat pods that cause cellulite.

Celltense™ works through the power of the innovative new ingredient the CD44 Enhancer. The skin’s CD44 cell receptors are responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid (HA), collagen, and elastin. Low levels of these elements in the skin are resulting in soft, loose skin that is more susceptible to wrinkles and cellulite. By activating the CD44 cell receptors, we can increase the body’s natural production of HA, collagen, and elastin forming healthy firm skin, increasing the density of the dermis. Firm skin is lustrous, wrinkle-free, and resists fat pods avoiding the orange peel effect known as cellulite.

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