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  • 1% 現金回贈 + 6% Windows
  • 1% 現金回贈 + 6% Surface Accessories
  • 1% 現金回贈 + 6% Xbox Accessories
  • 1% 現金回贈 + 6% PC Accessories
  • 1% 現金回贈 + 6% Other Office
  • 接受

Terms and Conditions at Microsoft HK

注意:Surface 裝置、Xbox手掣及其他產品並不符合資格獲取會員獎賞。
商戶將不會跟進任何未被記錄的交易,因此未被記錄的交易將不會獲發會員獎賞。 由於此合作商戶採用標準獎勵計劃,您的消費獎勵將會以消費淨值(扣除稅項後的總值)計算。

To ensure that your purchase is recorded correctly, always click on the "Shop online now" button beforehand to pull up the desired online store. Purchases can only be entered via the browser version of the online store and not via the respective app. Only use coupon codes that you have received through our website. Please make sure your browser has the correct cookie settings before shopping. All other important information about online shopping can be found in the FAQs.

About Microsoft HK

微軟網上商店 在微軟,我們的使命及價值就是協助全球的用家及公司發揮他們最大的潛能。


注意:Surface 裝置、Xbox手掣及其他產品並不符合資格獲取會員獎賞。



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