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About New Look

New Look was launched in 1969 and is currently the third largest women's retailer in the UK.

We have more than 1,000 stores worldwide (including Ireland, Belgium, France, Singapore and the Middle East). We are the leading high-street fashion retailer selling men's and women's wear, youth and children's wear and baby clothing. The women's collection offers accessories, maternity wear, underwear, swimwear, and large size clothing. In 2007, we became the UK's largest shoe retailer with sales reaching 10% of the footwear market. Last year, 32.7% (slightly less than 8 million) British women bought a piece of goods in our store. 

New Look provides a one-stop service, and we are most proud of the fact that we offer the market a truly unique style that caters to all shapes and sizes! The goods are updated daily, and you can find the fastest and latest styles at New Look. According to Hitwise, we are one of the largest online clothing and accessories retailers in the UK.


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