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The REPULS therapy is absolutely free of undesired side effects.

• REPULS acts fast against inflammation and pain.

• REPULS is easy to apply, uncomplicated and mobile.

REPULS- VET....The innovation in modern veterinary medicine

• High efficiency against inflammation and pain
• Soft to the tissue
• No damaging side effects
• Treatment is not painful – tranquilizers are not necessary
• Can be used for a lot of treatments:
Tendon discords, joint diseases, insertion desmopathies (suspensory ligament, nuchal ligament), muscle tension, improvement of (delayed) wound healing, back pain, disorders of the cervical spines

• Simple to use – for horses and small animals (dogs, cats, etc.)


REPULS 是甚麼? REPULS使用脈衝密集的冷紅光深入身體組織。 療程可以中斷控制白三烯代謝的炎症,紓緩疼痛而沒有任何副作用。 與此同時,REPULS療法刺激「細胞的能量」—即線粒體,產生額外的細胞能量。細胞的能量水平從而上升,促進和加快組織再生。 脈衝光之間的中斷能去除血液循環的反應產物。 REPULS可以結合任何其他治療方法使用,提升效果。 REPULS VET更適用於動物疾病!

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